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The Christopher J Mutimer & Aaron Schoen First Amendment Scholarship

Christopher J. Mutimer is an aggressive criminal defense attorney who prides himself in fighting for justice and for the Constitutional rights of his clients. Whether defending clients in a Driving Under the Influence charge or fighting for the right to exercise their freedom of speech, he never stops advocating for them.

With recent attacks on the First Amendment, the legal field needs more trial attorneys who are not only zealous advocates but also tenacious defenders of the Constitution. Accordingly, Christopher J. Mutimer has created a scholarship for college students who are interested in going to law school to pursue a career fighting to preserve our Constitutional Rights. We hope this scholarship provides a little help on your journey getting there.

Scholarship Amount: $500.00 of financial support for any academic related expenses, including tuition, housing, books, or law school application fees.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Full-time student enrolled in Four-Year College or University;
  • Interest in a legal career fighting to protect the Constitution—specifically to defend the First Amendment


September 1 each year

Application Requirements:

Resume, Transcript, Cover Letter

In addition, please include an essay on the following topic:

With recent assaults against the First Amendment at the highest levels of government, what, if anything, can we as citizens and aspiring attorneys do to pushback against our cherished and fundamental right to speak, protest, and associate as envisioned by our Founders? Respond to that question in 500-700 words.