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Requesting a DC License Reinstatement


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License Suspension From a DUI Arrest


The DC DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) may suspend or revoke your license after an arrest for DUI (driving under the influence). For first-time offenders, a DC DUI conviction can result in a six-month license suspension, 12 points being added to the driving record, and a mandatory retesting process to regain the license. Second and subsequent offenses will result in one-year and two-year license suspensions.

During this period, you may wonder how to reinstate your driving privileges. You must meet several requirements before your license can be reinstated.

Driving with a suspended license carries harsh penalties. If caught, you could be sentenced to one year in jail or fined up to $5,000.

You can request a DMV hearing immediately after you receive the suspension notice. But you must request before the DMV passes the suspension order. Once the hearing is acknowledged, the DMV will halt the revocation period until a decision is made. If you fail to request a hearing on time, you must wait until the suspension period ends.

What Are Common Reasons for a License Suspension?


There are several common reasons for a license suspension in Washington, D.C. Some of the most frequent causes include:

  • Accruing ten to eleven points due to moving violations on your driving record

  • An accumulation of twelve points or more on your driver’s record

  • Attempting to elude a police officer

  • Aggravated reckless driving

  • Committing a felony using a motor vehicle

  • Failing to pay child support

  • Receiving major moving violations like a DUI

  • Refusing a breathalyzer test after a DUI traffic stop

  • Hit-and-run

  • Having a physical or mental condition that impairs your driving ability

  • Unpaid traffic tickets

  • Using another person’s driver’s license

You cannot request a limited occupational license if your license was revoked because of a DUI conviction. You must complete the mandatory revocation period before getting your driver’s license reinstated.

What Is the Reinstatement Process in Washington, DC?


You will be eligible for reinstatement after making the necessary payments and attending all hearings and training. The reinstatement process begins with you scheduling a reinstatement hearing at the DC DMV service center near you. You also need to submit a written application to the DC DMV for reinstatement.

You must pay the reinstatement fee online using the link here with a valid credit card. You must complete a state-certified alcohol awareness program before the reinstatement hearing. If you have any “stops” on your driver’s license, you have to clear them. This includes unpaid tickets and vehicle insurance.

After completing the alcohol program, you must provide a certificate and a court disposition for the alcohol charge. If you have a DUI conviction in a DC Superior Court, you must obtain a certificate of financial responsibility (SR-22) before the reinstatement hearing.

If your license reinstatement is approved, you may need to retake the road test. You must also submit the necessary documents for your license type (REAL ID or limited purpose). The limited purpose is issued to drivers without a Social Security number who cannot establish their legal presence. The REAL ID is a federal ID that grants individuals access to certain federal facilities and to board domestic flights.

If you are not required to retake the tests, your DC driver’s license will be reinstated and updated with the National Driver’s Registry (NDR). If the hearing examiner denies the reinstatement, you can appeal the decision with the Traffic Adjudication Appeals Board.

What Happens at a Reinstatement Hearing?


At your reinstatement hearing, the hearing examiner will confirm whether you have completed all of the requirements for reinstatement. They will also investigate whether you have been driving during the revocation period.

The hearing examiner will hear the testimony of the arresting officer, about the case, including such things as:

  • The cause for initiating the traffic stop

  • Observations made by the officer regarding the driver’s actions

  • Statements provided by the driver

  • Any additional evidence that is pertinent to the charge

If you meet all the requirements, the examiner will approve the reinstatement. The DMV will update your driving record within 24 to 72 hours after payment of the reinstatement fee. This process also applies to out-of-state license holders in DC.

What Is the Impact Of Revocation On Out-Of-State Licenses?


Individuals with an out-of-state license may be convicted of a DUI in DC. The DMV will suspend their DC driving privileges. However, they cannot suspend their license in their home state. The DMV may inform the home state about the conviction in such cases. This may affect their license status in that jurisdiction.

The home state will notify them of the license revocation and steps for reinstatement. States have varying reinstatement requirements and revocation periods. Therefore, they may have to apply for reinstatement before they can drive in their home state.

First-time offenders who entered a deferred sentencing agreement (DSA) can apply for reinstatement. But, they may apply only after fulfilling the conditions under the agreement. The DMV might not notify their home state because, after completion of the diversion program, the case will be dismissed.


How Can a DC DUI Lawyer Help?


Having your driver’s license suspended may affect your ability to run errands or earn an income. If you have been arrested for DUI in DC, an experienced attorney can help you reinstate your license.

Attorney Joseph A. Scrofano of Scrofano Law, PC, can protect your rights and represent you at your administrative hearing. Our DC DUI lawyer is prepared to defend you against even the toughest prosecutors. Preventing a license suspension begins when you receive your first traffic ticket. We can monitor your driver’s license status and help stop you from accumulating points against your license.

Our team can help you apply for a deferred sentencing program based on your situation. This will help you avoid a DUI conviction and points on your license. We can also fight the DUI conviction by questioning the arresting officer’s testimony.

Contact Attorney Joseph A. Scrofano of Scrofano Law, PC, today if you face a license suspension or need reinstatement.


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