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DC White Collar Defense

In DC, white collar crimes such as Fraud and Embezzlement usually involve theft of money that was already placed in the defendant’s control. This could involve stealing money from clients or your company accounts. It could be as elaborate as a pyramid scheme or as simple as a contractor not completing a project he or she was hired to do.

These crimes may involve public officials, city or federal agencies, or deal entirely with private parties. One major difference between white collar crimes and other crimes is that many white collar defendants may fully admit to their actions but cannot understand why their conduct was illegal. They may have even taken the time to research the law before they engaged in the potentially criminal actions.

The problem is that government regulations can be written in a very confusing manner, and this makes it very easy for the government to prosecute a defendant.

They also may have a “paper trail” which makes a typical defense much more complex.


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