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Understanding What a DUI Expungement Lawyer Can Do for You


If you have a DUI charge or conviction on your criminal record, you could be eligible to seal your record with the help of a DC DUI expungement lawyer at Scrofano Law, PC.

What a DUI Expungement Lawyer Does


A DUI expungement lawyer in D.C. can help clean a person’s criminal record when they have had DUI arrests or certain other criminal convictions. Many believe that their misdemeanor and felony charges fall off a person’s record over time. They don’t realize that even a first offense will remain on their criminal record indefinitely unless they take steps to clear it. 

Even when a person is acquitted of DUI charges at trial, it doesn’t mean that they are innocent; they just weren’t found guilty in court. Proving innocence in DUI cases requires additional evidence. An expungement attorney can petition to have the DUI record of arrest removed or sealed when that occurs. Expungements can be acquired based on the defendant’s innocence or in the interest of justice.

In certain circumstances, obtaining a clean criminal record isn’t an option. You should discuss the details of your case with a dedicated DC DUI Lawyer like Christopher J. Mutimer from Scrofano Law to determine whether you’re eligible before beginning an expungement request of your records.


Multiple DUI Expungement Lawyer in D.C. 

When someone has had more than one criminal offense, they may need a multiple DUI expungement lawyer to remove criminal arrests or convictions. When possible, the defendant should involve a reputable criminal defense law firm as soon as they are arrested to improve their chances of having the charges dismissed or reduced to a lesser crime like reckless driving.

If someone has multiple DUI convictions, they will face more severe penalties, including higher fines and longer sentences. Plus, they will be unable to have their record expunged. In D.C., the following convictions are not expugnable and will indefinitely remain on a person’s record.

  • Operating While Intoxicated (OWI)
  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Facing a judge or district attorney can be intimidating, and offenders need to present a strong case based on up-to-date DUI laws to have their charges dismissed or reduced to avoid a DUI conviction. Having criminal records sealed takes savvy super lawyers and attorneys from a reputable law firm like Christopher J. Mutimer from Scrofano Law.  

Best DUI Expungement Lawyer


If convicted in D.C. or Maryland, an individual wants the best DUI expungement lawyer to try to clean their record so that they can move on with their life. Although the terms are used interchangeably in many states, “expunge” isn’t used in D.C. law. It is replaced with the term “sealed” and is only applicable to arrests and no DUI convictions.

If a Maryland DUI Lawyer can demonstrate no benefit in maintaining someone’s arrest record, the judge might grant the request to have the records in question sealed. After successful completion of this process, there would no longer be a public record of the arrest having taken place. 


Why Hire an Experienced DUI Expungement Attorney

An experienced DUI expungement attorney would have a thorough knowledge of the D.C. laws and what arguments would most likely persuade the judge to expunge someone’s criminal record. Since DUI and DWI offenses are permanently documented on court records, they are considered when future crimes are being sentenced, including, but not limited to the following:

  • City ordinance violation
  • Criminal negligence
  • Futture DUI or DWI offenses
  • Other intoxication-related offenses

Having multiple alcohol-related driving offenses may result in a single legal matter receiving a harsh sentence since the accused is viewed as a habitual offender.

How Can I Get a DUI Expunged?


It may seem a daunting task and might have a person wondering, “How can I get a DUI expunged?” Someone arrested for DUI in D.C. can have the arrest record sealed if arrested but not convicted. An attorney can argue:

  • Actual Innocence
  • Interest of Justice

When arguing “Actual Innocence,” the attorney will claim and provide evidence that their client did not, in fact, commit the crime. With an “Interest of Justice” claim, attorneys argue that it doesn’t serve the interest of justice to maintain the arrest record because the client’s positive deeds since their arrest outweigh their alleged conduct that resulted in an arrest. 

Depending on the charge, the person may be ineligible to have their records sealed. Your Virginia DUI lawyer will offer professional advice and advocacy.


How to Remove DUI From Record

After an arrest, the accused needs to know how to remove the DUI from their record to move on with their life. To have a D.C. arrest record sealed, the person must file a motion including all relevant facts with the D.C. Superior Court to seal it. 

For a petition to seal records based on actual innocence, the petitioner must include the pertinent laws that justify the request. For a petition based on the interest of justice, they must include supporting evidence, such as examples of community service or letters of recommendation.

After the motion is filed, the government may respond by opposing or conceding to the request. Then, the judge will weigh the motions and decide whether to seal the case.

DUI Expungement Cost


The DUI expungement cost varies based on the offense, the amount of time required to build the case, as well as lawyer fees and court costs. 

When a person enters a guilty plea for an alcohol-related traffic offense, they will be convicted and become ineligible to expunge the resulting record. Those official records will be uncovered every time a potential employer or lending official conducts background checks. 

Hiring a D.C., Maryland, or Virginia attorney is likely the only chance to have the charges withdrawn or reduced to avoid a criminal conviction.


How Much Does a Lawyer Charge for DUI Expungement?

One of the first questions a person asks is, “How much does a lawyer charge for DUI expungement?”. With all of the limitations having a DUI on your criminal record can cause, the real question should be, “Can you afford not to clear your record?” 

When you have your DUI arrest record cleared, you will be legally able to say that you have no convictions or arrests when asked on an application for employment, housing, or school. Therefore, it’s logical to have all eligible convictions sealed and removed from state or federal records. This process provides you with a fresh start, making it less challenging to obtain employment and other opportunities.

Contact our firm of Scrofano Law, where Christopher J. Mutimer will provide you with a free consultation. Begin the process of getting your life back today.


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