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Frank D'AngeloFrank D'Angelo

Chris Mutimer is the absolute top tier if you are in his market for legal assistance or guidance. He consistently went above and beyond throughout the process to ensure as little intrusion into my hectic schedule as possible. He made things as seamless as possible from start to finish. The care, discretion and passion he brought to my issue made me feel confident and safe. Chris is a beast in the courtroom and I would passionately recommend him to any friend, family member or colleague!


Christopher is an awesome attorney and I would seek his legal counsel in the future (but hopefully I won't have to do so). When I received a court citation (speeding-related), I went through a process of interviewing different attorneys to determine which one I wanted representing me. When I held my initial conversation with Christopher and presented the facts to him, he was very confident (but approachable) and provided me with a high-level strategy for how he could get my case dismissed. He did this even before I made my decision to move forward with him and before I paid him money, which I appreciated. When I decided to move forward with him, he elaborated on that strategy. As a result of his expertise, sincerity, and thoroughness, I'm happy to say the judge dismissed my case! I also saw him represent another client; I saw that he consistently applies his legal expertise and strategic approach to attempt to ensure favorable outcomes for his client. I'd highly recommend him!

behn farahpourbehn farahpour

I meet with Mr. Mutimer in regards to my DMV hearing and he provided great legal advise and got to know my case in detail. Their office admin was actively present to collect all the necessary paper work. No other lawyer was so detail oriented. I really appreciate his attention to a citation which was very important to me. I highly recommend him and his practice.

DeAngelo MoodyDeAngelo Moody

Just recently I was going through some legal matters in which I had never been in before. From the moment I reached out to Mr. Mutimer and his office I felt a sense of comfort and he explored with me the options that were possible as a resolve to my legal matters. Mr. Mutimer represented me well from the beginning and never gave me a reason to panic through the the process. To conclude matters, Mr. Mutimer asked me exactly what I wanted as a resolve to my legal matters and that is just what we were able to get. I highly recommend Mr. Mutimer and his office without reservations.

roy freeroy free

On February 23, 2019 my life was changed drastically. I caught a DUI me having a CDL I was lost. Scared of losing my job and my Trade I was baffled. I prayed and prayed for God to please help me through this situation being as though it was my first time getting DUI I didn’t know what to do. That’s when An advertisement came in the mail with the law office of Scrofano. Came in my mail along with other but it was something about there’s that grab my attention it was well put together just like my attorney Christopher Mutimer is well put together. He helped me through this process talking to me frequently explaining what was going on with my case. And at the end winning my case I don’t know what I would’ve did without them. They save my job my trade and life as I know it. So have know doubt in your mind your pick the wright law office they are fine tune defense machine. THANK Y’ALL SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING GOD BLESS YOU.