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D.C. DUI Arrests a Saint Patrick’s Day Hangover

by | Mar 17, 2012

Drinking all that green beer this St. Patrick’s Day may result in you losing a lot of your green – money that is – as well as racking up large fines, license penalties and other sanctions.

Washington D.C. DUI attorneys know that revelers are going to want to celebrate the holiday. This is going to be especially true in D.C., where Orbitz ranked us the 4th most popular place for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Law enforcement will take advantage of it too, and will be out in force filling its coffers by making D.C. DUI arrests, even if you’ve only had a drink or two. Maryland State Police say they intend to have numerous DUI checkpoints and are planning to have officers working overtime, scouring the streets for anyone who has had a few drinks.

They’re going to be looking for things like: weaving in and out of lanes, speeding, driving too slowly, and of course fender benders and crashes.

If you can plan a safe route home before you set out to party, that’s the best plan. If you don’t, however, here are some things to keep in mind if you are stopped by police:

  1. Pull over in a safe place. If you pull over in a potentially hazardous spot, such as in the middle of the road, the officer is going to make a note of it – either mentally or in his or her report. It’s almost certainly not going to work in your favor either way.
  2. Watch that you don’t make any abrupt movements. Keep your hands on the steering wheel, in full view.
  3. Be nice. It seems so simple, but so many people overlook this one because they are upset about being stopped in the first place. However, being polite can go a long way in helping you to possibly avoid arrest or at least not having additional charges piled onto the ones you may already face. Not to mention, if you’re hostile and defiant, you could be charged with resisting arrest.
  4. You don’t have to answer any questions. So don’t. You need to give the officer your name, registration, license and insurance card to the officer. Beyond that, you don’t have to tell him or her where you were, or how much you have had to drink (unless you honestly haven’t had anything).
  5. Decline to undergo a field sobriety test. They are notoriously unreliable.
  6. As soon as you are released, take as many notes as you can about what happened. This is going to help an attorney fight your case. You are going to want to note what you were doing and where you were, how much alcohol you consumed, how the officer acted, what words were exchanged between you and the officer, when and if you were read your Miranda rights, when you were given a breathalyzer or chemical test and how long that was after you drank. Write down just about everything you can think of, even if it doesn’t seem important. An attorney looking at the information may see it differently.
  7. Call an experienced Washington D.C. DUI attorney. Trying to fight these charges alone is going to be difficult and likely unsuccessful. Having someone who is familiar with the law and has a proven record of success is going to result in the best possible outcome for you.


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