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D.C. Underage Drinking, Fake ID’s, Seen More in the Spring

by | Apr 4, 2012

Seven college students – including five from Georgetown University – were arrested recently for underage drinking and using fake ID’s in D.C. bars.

D.C. underage drinking attorneys know that toward the end of the school year, students start getting eager to blow off steam, building from the pressure of multiple classes, piled on top of work and school obligations. Warmer weather, too, means more parties and more promotions at local bars.

In this case, according to The Hoya, a student newspaper, investigators with the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration were out trolling the bars and nightclubs within walking distance of the university. The administration runs a program called D.C.: Double Check 101. Essentially, the sole purpose of this program is to bust underage drinkers with fake ID’s.

Last month, the operation was responsible for detaining two other Georgetown students who were reportedly purchasing alcohol at a local liquor store with fake IDs. They were not actually arrested, but their names were forwarded to university officials.

If you are arrested, you’re looking at a misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of three-month suspension of your license and a $300 fine. This may not seem like much – and it’s certainly not anything to panic about – but there are other sanctions you could face.

Even if you aren’t arrested, you could be in trouble with your university if your information is forwarded to the dean. Those actions could range from a warning all the way up to expulsion, depending on the facts of the case.

So you should certainly take the matter seriously. Consulting with an experienced D.C. criminal defense attorney is the first step in a favorable outcome for you.

With regard to underage drinking, an attorney is the first person you should contact if you’re arrested. Sanctions for underage drinking in D.C. include a possible $300 fine and a three-month suspension of driving privileges. Additionally, the university could also take action against you, and that criminal conviction could haunt you throughout your adult life.

For most of these individuals, it’s the first (and often only) time they are ever arrested, and there is a lot of fear. With that fear comes the temptation to simply come clean to the police. DON’T do this before you’ve spoken to your attorney. There is a great deal that an experienced defense attorney can do that could result in charges being dropped or significantly reduced, particularly if this is your first offense.

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