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How Many Points Can You Get From A DUI Or OWI Conviction On Your DC Driver’s License?

If you want to know how many points can you get from a DUI or OWI conviction on your dc driver’s license, Scrofano Law has the answers. Call us now!

Points From a DUI or OWI Conviction on Your Driver’s License in DC

Having a driver’s license allows you to move freely and conveniently. To maintain this freedom, avoiding accumulating points due to driving violations is crucial, which could lead to license suspension.

A DUI offense can result in 12 points being added to your license. If you earn 12 or more points, your license will be suspended for a minimum of six months.

The license will remain suspended until you successfully finish the reinstatement process. You cannot operate a vehicle when your license is revoked or suspended. A driver who ignores this and is arrested for driving a motor vehicle may face severe punishment.

Accumulating points isn’t a substitute penalty for a DUI/OWI conviction; it’s an additional consequence. Alongside receiving points on your license, you may also need to serve the jail sentence, probation, or fines the judge orders you to fulfill.

Get in touch with an experienced criminal defense lawyer from Scrofano Law to learn more about DC DUI penalties and how DUI convictions affect your license.

The Impact of a DC OWI or DUI Conviction

There are several consequences associated with driving under the influence. These may include:

  • License suspension: Your driver’s license can be suspended or revoked as a result of the conviction. The duration of the license revocation can vary based on factors such as the severity of the offense and whether it’s a first-time or repeat offense.

  • Points on your license: A DUI or OWI conviction often results in the accumulation of points on your driver’s license. These points can lead to increased insurance premiums and, if you accumulate too many points, even license suspension.

  • Ignition interlock device: In some cases, especially for repeat offenders or high blood alcohol content (BAC) levels, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. This device measures your BAC before allowing the vehicle to start.

  • Mandatory alcohol education programs: DC may require you to attend mandatory alcohol education or treatment programs, especially if it’s a first-time offense.

  • Fines and penalties: If convicted, you may be required to pay significant fines.

  • Criminal record: A DUI or OWI conviction results in a criminal record, which can have long-term consequences on employment opportunities and other aspects of your life.

  • Impact on insurance: Your auto insurance rates will likely increase after a DUI or OWI conviction. In some cases, insurance companies may even refuse to provide coverage.

  • Limited driving privileges: Depending on the circumstances, you might be eligible for limited driving privileges, such as driving to work or medical appointments, even during a license suspension period.

It’s important to note that the specific consequences of a DUI or OWI conviction can vary based on factors like your blood alcohol content, driving record, and any aggravating circumstances. To fully understand the potential impact on your driving privileges, it’s recommended to consult with legal professionals who practice DUI and traffic law in Washington, DC.

What Happens After Accumulating Points For DUI or OWI Convictions?

If you accumulate 10 or 11 points, the DC Department of Motor Vehicles could suspend your license or privilege to drive. However, this suspension only lasts for 90 days. If you accumulate 12 points, your license is revoked for at least six months. You could face a license suspension of at least six months, even for a first-time DUI offense.

To reinstate your license after an alcohol- or drug-related offense in Washington, DC, you need to complete a reinstatement application. You must provide proof of successful completion of a state-certified alcohol/drug counseling program and present it to the DC DMV. After reviewing your application, the DC DMV will decide whether or not to reinstate your license.

Upon approval of your reinstatement application, you must pay your outstanding tickets, fees, and a $98 reinstatement fee. Drivers licensed in the District of Columbia must also provide proof of SR-22 insurance if they were convicted within three years prior.

How Long Will the Points Stay on Your Record?

If you accumulate any points on your driver’s license, they will stay on your record for up to two years. However, you could be eligible to have the points removed. To do this, you will have to take an online defensive driving course through the DC DMV. Our experienced DC DUI lawyers can help you apply for points removal or to reinstate your license. 

Applying for points removal as soon as you are eligible is essential. You could face license suspension for minor issues due to points accumulation. You may commit a traffic infraction, but your license gets suspended. To avoid that, talk to an attorney who understands DC DUI laws to help you. 

Here Is How Our DC DUI Lawyer at Scrofano Law, PC, Can Help

Facing a DUI or an OWI charge puts your driver’s license in jeopardy. Navigating the complex process of license reinstatement involves time-consuming paperwork and expenses. You can rely on the DUI attorneys at Scrofano Law, PC, for help with your case.

Our experienced lawyers can skillfully handle your DUI or OWI case, advocating on your behalf to mitigate the potential penalties of a conviction. By working closely with prosecutors, we can seek advantageous guilty pleas that may spare you from incarceration, opting instead for a deferred sentencing agreement.

This strategic approach prevents a blemish on your driver’s record, safeguarding your driving privileges. At Scrofano Law, PC, we are dedicated to safeguarding your legal rights and guiding you through the intricacies of your case.

Our attorneys have represented many clients who were facing OWI charge and DUI charges. Our results speak for themselves. We use the experience and skills we have gathered over the years to obtain favorable outcomes for our clients. If you already have points for violating traffic laws, an attorney can help you apply for removal.

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