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PG Cop Faces DUI Charges

by | Jun 29, 2012

A DUI crash just outside of D.C. reportedly involved a police officer from Prince George County, who was reportedly driving his cruiser at the time of the wreck.

D.C. DUI attorneys understand that the consequences for an arrest for a police office or other public official on charges such as this can be devastating to one’s career – especially if the alleged actions took place while the defendant was on-duty.

That’s why it becomes critical to have a D.C. DUI defense lawyer who has a proven track record of success in these matters. There are many ways a skilled attorney can challenge the evidence, even if it seems strong at the outset.

In this case, the 38-year-old officer reportedly crashed his cruiser on Route 1 shortly after 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning. It’s not clear at this point from media reports whether the officer was working at the time of the incident or was simply driving his cruiser off-duty.

It’s also not clear what the road conditions were at the time of the crash. There were skid marks noted in the southbound lanes and tire tracks that stretched down an embankment and into a nearby ditch. Pieces of debris from the vehicle were reportedly scattered along the roadway.

The officer was not injured in the single-car crash.

When other officers arrived on the scene, they reportedly immediately suspected he was intoxicated, though the specifics of why have not been revealed. We don’t know if he underwent field sobriety tests, but we do know that he complied with a request to complete a breathalyzer test, and reportedly blew a 0.13, over the 0.08 limit. If he was on-duty at the time, it’s possible any level of alcohol would at least result in a work-related reprimand, though depending on the level, one might make the case that the test reflected alcohol consumed the night before.

The officer’s cruiser was impounded and he was immediately placed on paid administrative leave. He was not arrested immediately, but the department conducted an internal investigation, which was handed over to the state attorney’s office. He was subsequently charged with DUI.

What may work in this officer’s favor is his track record. Earlier this year, he was credited with saving lives at a nursing home in College Park, where he rushed into a burning building to pull out a number of residents. For his actions that day, he received a special commendation from the fire department.

The officer is a six-year veteran of the agency.

Cases such as this, however, are by no means isolated. In the last week alone, a woman in Boston announced a lawsuit against police officer there who crashed into her while allegedly driving drunk, and an Atlanta police officer was arrested for DUI after he was reportedly stopped for going 125 mph in a 55 mph zone.

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