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Report: Serious DUI Accident Injures Seven in DC

by | Jan 14, 2016

Drunk driving cases in which someone other than the alleged drunk driver is injured are among the most serious types of DUI matters in the District of Columbia.  The reason for this is obvious, since the reason it is illegal to drive drunk is because there is a serious risk someone will be hurt or killed.  When that actually happens, the prosecutors take the case very seriously.

According to a recent news feature from NBC Washington, a car driven by an allegedly drunk driver jumped a curb on New Year’s Eve and crashed into seven pedestrians standing on the sidewalk. Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) representatives say the 25-year-old defendant was driving while intoxicated, veered off the road and hit a small tree in front of the Barcode night club.  When the driver hit the tree, it allegedly caused him to run up on to the curb and collide with the pedestrians.

Witnesses called 911, and police and Fire and EMS were dispatched to the scene of this alleged drunk driving accident in Washington, DC.  The first responders provided immediate medical attention to the victims and then transported them to a local level one trauma center.  One of the victims was listed in critical condition, and the others were listed as being in serious condition.  As for the suspected drunk driver, he is alleged to have fled the scene and was arrested later that morning.  He was charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and leaving after colliding personal injury (LAC-PD).  While the official term is LAC-PD, most people in Washington, DC, refer to the charge as “hit-and-run.”

The first thing you should remember is that an arrest is not a conviction.  While every situation is different as the facts are never the same, your experienced Washington, DC DUI defense lawyer can often do a lot to keep you from getting a conviction.  You should also realize that if this is your first offense, it is more likely than not that you will not being going to the DC jail.

However, there are some DUI attorneys that like to tell clients that they are likely to face jail time unless they can get “a good deal.”  In reality, this is often a claim that could not be farther form the truth.  These firms often use that ploy so they can convince clients to take a less-than-beneficial plea deal, because they essentially operate a volume business where they make money by having a lot of clients plead guilty.  This is not in your best interest.  You want to make sure that the attorney you choose will actually take your case to trial.  For this reason, it is perfectly okay to ask your attorney how many cases their firm has actually tried in court rather than accept a plea.

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