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Flo Rida Arrested on DUI charges

by | Jun 20, 2011

According to new report on TMZ, rapper Flo Rida, best known for his single Low, has been arrested and charged with a DUI while driving with a suspended license.  According to police, Flo Rida was pulled over in his 1.7 million dollar Bugatti. The police allege that he was pulled over on suspicion of DUI when they observed him swerving. As DUI defense attorney in Washington, DC, I am often called by people who tell me they had difficulty performing a field sobriety tests.  This should not come as any surprise.  The field sobriety tests given by police in Washington, DC are very difficult for many people to pass while completely sober.  The one-legged stand (OLS) test for example, requires the driver to raise one foot six inches of the ground, keep the raised foot parallel to the ground, and count for thirty seconds.  This is very difficult for anyone with poor balance, suffers from any number of medical conditions, or is overweight.

The walk and turn (WAT) test can also be very difficult.  This test consists of an instruction phase in which the officer tells you how to perform the test, and a walking phase.  During the instruction phase, the officer only takes three steps instead of the nine you are required to take in each direction.  The turn is very difficult to understand, and if the officer starts you on the wrong foot, it is impossible to perform.  If your attorney is familiar with tests, and has taken the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) course, it may be possible to challenge the manner in which the officer administered the test during a DUI trial.