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U.S. Soccer Player Suing Red Bull, Nightclub Over Washington D.C. Near-Fatal Crash

by | Nov 28, 2011

Charlie Davies, a U.S. soccer player, was involved in a car accident two years ago that resulted in one person dying. He missed the World Cub because of injuries and is now suing a Washington D.C. nightclub as well as energy drink makers Red Bull, Business Insider reports.Drunken driving manslaughter charges in Washington D.C. can be some of the most difficult to defend because police and prosecutors will attempt to levy as many counts as possible against a person they suspect was responsible for a death. Even when the case is fresh and they have little evidence to prove the allegations against the defendant, they may pile on the charges so that the defendant is denied bond.

In cases like this, an experienced Washington D.C. DWI defense lawyer must be called on to separate the fact from fiction. When a defendant faces many charges, they may be inclined to want to accept the first plea offer that the prosecution makes. But this isn’t always the best strategy. In fact, it’s usually a mistake.

A skilled lawyer can investigate the situation, including scrutinizing witnesses and police reports, possibly reconstructing the scene of the accident and debating the results of field sobriety tests and blood, urine or breath testing. And it is possible the plea offer from prosecutors will get better. It’s also possible that a lawyer will advice the driver to consider going to trial if the case against a defendant makes that a wise course of action.

In this case, the soccer player’s driver was drunk and was later sentenced to two years in prison. The soccer player and the female driver left the Shadow Room, a Washington D.C. nightclub that promoted a Red Bull-hosted party on October 12, 2009. According to the lawsuit, reported by Business Insider, despite the driver being drunk, the club continued serving her alcohol. The lawsuit alleges that the club and the company “carelessly and negligently” served drinks to guests who were already drunk. The article questions the decision making of the soccer player that night, but his attorneys say the blame should be placed on the club for serving people who were visibly drunk. Club owners say the soccer player was well aware of his surroundings that night and dispute the claims in the lawsuit.

MyFox DC reports that the crash killed a 22-year-old passenger and lacerated the soccer player’s bladder and caused him broken bones. He was 23 at the time. Club and bar owners definitely have a responsibility to consider the intoxication level of the patrons they are serving night after night. If someone is visibly drunk, they have a duty to stop serving them drinks. Many bars are now equipped with breath testing machines that patrons can use to determine if their blood alcohol concentration is above the district’s .08 legal limit. But in cases where there is an accident and people are injured or killed, police will steer away from the bartender and focus on the driver. It will be the driver identified as causing the accident and driving under the influence of alcohol who will face the major penalties.

That’s why hiring an experienced  Washington D.C. DUI defense lawyer is so critical. In Washington D.C., there are many ways for th police to charge someone with a drunken driving episode. Fight them all.

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